A Gordon Ramsay Stop-Motion Series??

Posted September 30th, 2009

Animation, Food, TV

Ain't It Cool News: “While details are still under wraps, Gordon Ramsay, At Your Service promises to deliver a unique take on Ramsay’s larger than life personality with an animated action-comedy spin that will not only appeal to Ramsay’s existing fan base, but will also reach out to new audiences.

While the idea of a professional chef, restaurant mogul and TV personality starring in an action-comedy stop-motion series may seem like an odd pairing to some, for Cuppa Coffee President and Executive Producer Adam Shaheen, it’s a recipe for success. “Gordon Ramsay has established himself as a true international brand. We’re taking the essence of who he is and having a bit of fun with it. Never before have we encountered this type of excitement from broadcasters.”