This is a job for Art Transport International

Posted February 24th, 2011

Mexico, Photography, Sculptures, Shows

AP Photo/Peter Dejong. (See a bigger version here!)

Transporting a piece of art from one place to another can be one hell of a problem and a pretty expensive thing in general. Getting a print from A to B might be easy, but for 10 bronze statues you need a couple of strong men, a ship and a few other things. But what if the show gets cancelled and those statues stand around some port?

Art Daily found this today and we will follow this story: “ROTTERDAM.- The 10 bronze statues of the exhibit titled Nuestros Silencios or Our Silences by Mexican artist Rivelino are seen on a barge docked in Rotterdam harbour, Netherlands, Wednesday Feb. 23, 2011. A row over the imprisonment of French citizen Florence Cassez has soured relations between France and Mexico and has led to cancellation of the scheduled exhibit of Rivelhinoands work in Paris, and other cultural events planned for the celebration of the Year of Mexico in France. Nuestros Silencios is a monumental public sculpture installation that features ten three-dimensional pieces of great format. They are made of bronze using the lost wax technique and white and ochre patina. The bronze sculptures feature a metal plate covering their mouths symbolising the importance of individual and collective freedom of expression. “