Space Boy Robots – Steam machines for the living room

Posted September 16th, 2011

Popculture, Technology

A stunning gallery on Flickr led us to this gentleman making incredible ‘one of a kind’ robots. Great stuff. We’re seriously thinking about getting one of those mechanical wonders for ikono labs. A coffee robot that refills itself would be great to have.

“I’ve been making robots for the last couple of years and it started when my love of indie handmade and my love of robots collided. I began building little robots out of wooden blocks and found/recycled items that I was lucky enough to scrounge up. Today, I still follow the same process. I personally hand build, and hand paint each robot. Each robot is a guaranteed ‘one of a kind’. About a year ago I began centering my work on steam power pseudo-Victorian era styled robots and have been working on a collection of historical ray guns from the future. I’m also working on a series of time machine oddities; although, they don’t actually travel through time…yet. ”

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Check out his wonderful variants of the beloved droids from Star Wars below.

Steampunk C3-PO

R2 D2

Space Boy Robot babbling around the 3 minute mark about robots and First Friday!