The Devil’s Anvil: Middle East Hard Rock from 1967

Posted December 23rd, 2011

Arab World, Music, Popculture

Another rare and most interesting find from those Dangerous Minds: ”
The ill-fated Middle Eastern sounding rock group, The Devil’s Anvil were discovered by record producer Felix Pappalardi (Cream’s Disraeli Gears) playing in a New York City cafe in 1967. Pappalardi got the band signed to Columbia Records and played bass on the their album.

The Devil’s Anvil, were Steve Knight (rhythm guitar, bass, bouzouki), Jerry Satpir (lead guitar, vocals), Elierzer Adoram (accordion), and Kareem Issaq (oud, vocals). Hard Rock from the Middle East would be their only record. Despite their truly original sound—which pre-dated “World Beat” by many years—luck was not on the side of The Devil’s Anvil, for on the very same day that Hard Rock from the Middle East streeted, the 1967 Arab-Israeli War broke out, too, and no radio station would touch it!

Pappalardi later went on to form Mountain with Knight and Leslie West.

Below, a four song selection from The Devil’s Anvil (“Karkadon,” “Besaha,” “Hala Laya,” “Nahna oud-Diab.”