Best Art Vinyl 2011

Posted January 4th, 2012

Awards, Design, Graphic Art, Music

US indie band Bright Eyes have won the Art Vinyl prize for the best album artwork of 2011. The wall of flames that adorned their eighth record, The People’s Key, was created by graphic designer Zack Nipper. Although you cannot see it in this image, the record came in a painstakingly-created iridescent foil sleeve, that folded out into six panels.

- Some people will tell you that the quality of album artwork has been in decline since CDs and then downloads overtook vinyl as the average music buyer’s medium of choice.

While there is some truth to this argument, dozens of genuinely interesting and innovative covers are still produced every year, albeit mostly by obscure artists on independent labels.

Now in its seventh year, the Best Art Vinyl award exists to highlight the great work still being done in this area.

In the words of Sarah Reeve, Art Vinyl’s Exhibitions Curator, ‘Sleeve art is such an important and evocative part of our music experience but the designers of these works are often overlooked. This award gives us a chance to celebrate the creativity behind the sound.’

So, with that noble thought in mind, keep clicking to find out this year’s winner…