Lost Dada art found in Israel

Posted February 28th, 2012

Dada, Israel, Murals

Imagine the feeling of uncovering a Marcel Janco mural that hasn’t been seen in half a century. That’s precisely what happened to Eli Shaltiel as he was working on the restoration of the Janco’s former studio in Ein Hod, Jerusalem. It all began with a single dot that, upon further inspection, was part of a line.

Shaltiel then followed the line, uncovering more as he went, eventually revealing an old mural by the Romanian-Israeli Dada artist Marcel Janco. Who would cover up such an incredible work of art? Those involved believe it was the artist himself who chose to paint over the work.

Curator of the nearby Janco Dada Museum, Raya Zommer-Tal told Reuters, “And we also found protocols about it, because there was a time that they wanted to leave it, but Janco said ‘no, I don’t mind. I am an artist but it’s ok to repaint a work of art.” It is thought that there may be more murals underneath the walls of the late artist’s studio revealing Janco’s playful sense of humor that involved…

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