Watch Damien Hirst’s Assistants At Work

Posted March 23rd, 2012

Contemporary Art, England, Internet

Ever wanted to watch a great artist (or his assistants) mid-masterpiece? Damien Hirst recently launched a new website showing his team at work in his studio.

The backdrop of the site features a live feed of what appears to be a couple of young English blokes at work on a piece similar to Hirst’s pinwheel paintings.

Those who tune in have the options of two views, from the front and overhead, while pair work (rather nervously) at a circular table in front of the lens.

The website,, also has links to Hirst’s exhibitions, projects and shop, as well as a series of videos featuring the artist. Not surprisingly, Hirst was nowhere to be seen in the live feed.

The camera seems to be on 24/7. When we tuned in after hours, there was nothing to watch except a dark studio with a cart of supplies in the corner, which as you might expect, is even less exciting than watching paint dry.