Elisabetta Di Sopra

Posted August 8th, 2013


Elisabetta Di Sopra
Elisabetta Di Sopra is an Italian video artist working and living in Venice. Her videos and installations intend to investigate the most sensitive dynamics of the daily dimensions of life, expressing the hidden narratives within everyday life. Elisabetta Di Sopra was ikono’s artist of the month in November 2012. She also curated Domestic Visions for the ikono On Air Festival.


After completing her first degree in painting she began her Masters in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. Her videos and installations intend to investigate the most sensitive dynamics of the daily dimensions of life, expressing the hidden narratives within everyday life. Behind the clean and minimal style of Elisabetta’s videos, lays a hidden density of thought and a unique approach to research. Most of them are focused on the female body viewed as an embodiment of memory. The theme of motherhood plays a crucial role in Elisabetta’s videos. As a digression from this topic, all of her works speak to ideas of humanity, commenting on the cyclical movement of everything that exists on a scale greater than the individual, continuously renewing itself. The imagery is tied to the repeated sense of being reabsorbed into the cycle of life and death.

On Air: Elisabetta Di Sopra

The ikono On Air Festival is showing the following films by Elisabetta Di Sopra:

Temporary, 2013
In a house disappear one after the other and the furniture is emptied of everything, including the owner of the house. Home and human figure are both naked, losing all traces of the memory of himself and his own identity.

Impermanenze, 2013
The body as mimesis of space. And if the postures are precise and elegant, the place is timeless.

Reaction, 2013
Performer: Laura Vio, Stefano Rota
It comes from a reflection on the human condition: the constant search for balance. We do not just have to continually come up with new strategies for survival not to “fall.”

Aquameter, 2012
A young girl who, by pouring some water – image of life – from her mouth into her mother’s symbolically restores the life she has received. The gesture embraces the essentiality and meaningfulness of ordinary events and encapsulates a broad range of interpretationsel with each other, where the family should be a reassuring nest becomes a cage that imprisons.

Elisabetta Di Sopra
Still from Aquameter, 2012

Family, 2012
Within the family dynamics one becomes the hostage of the other. A quarr

Con Tatto, 2012
When love is complicity involvement is complete

Elisabetta Di Sopra
Still from Con Tatto, 2012

Somnium Coleopterae, 2012
It’s a kind of game. A kaleidoscope, where a small figure (Elisabetta Di Sopra) floats together with its copies. Suddenly a bug breaks this synchrony, causing a series of metamorphoses that will lead the protagonist to become herself a bug. That bug will be then ready to fly in a new kaleidoscope.

In Visibili, 2011
Essential things are often invisible. The aim is to consider the presence / absence of women in the Italian history of the 19th century.

Funny Show, 2009
The children are looking at us… and laugh.

Light Water, 2009
A little girl swimming in water as dark as it was amniotic fluid, playing with a ball of light.

Skipping, 2009
Rope jumping, a childish game that seems to have been forgotten by the body… As in old age, when a person’s body is not a tool, but an obstacle for existance.

Sugar Dead, 2009
The body nourishes itself. It nourishes offering the first breakfast of the world to the newborn child, to the loved giving himself, to the mother coming back. Sugar dead is a work born from a reflection on death, on the meaning of gift and offer. It’s a ephemeral sculpture realized completely with sugar and thought to be consumed by and in the Nature. Body that has finished to wish and to be wished and that now is contemplated on his last offer. There is no drama but kindness in this gesture: the whiteness of the sugar with its crystals suggests the idea of dissolving, making reference to the concept of Nature that by dying creates the beginning for a rebirth.

Still, 2008
Still is a pause, a suspension condition that can endure forever… Like the waves of the sea, the future and the past run after each other, wrap themselves up, recur infinitely.

Aria, 2008
A lightness deafening.

The Crossing, 2008
A crossing ship, pictures that appear from the background and that appear inanimate. Then a flash…


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