Sorry, we have to do some Maintenance…

Posted February 16th, 2011 under Ikono

The next couple of days we have to look into a few technical things here at ikono labs. The blog will take a little break until monday or tuesday when we can also welcome a major artist on board over at Exciting news coming up.

Until then you can go through our archives where you find tons of great links, have a look at some blogs we read, catch up with some of our design feeds or a whole lot of popculture. Or you just shut down the monitor for a few days and do something productive instead.

You can also look at our Facebook Page. And, yes, we know that sharing stories on our Facebook page causes problems right now. Unfortunately that’s not our fault because then we could do something about it. But you can call Mister Zuckerberg and yell at him for us if you feel like it.

Thanks. See you next week. Same time, same bat channel.