Anselm Kiefer – Over Your Cities, Grass Will Grow

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Artificial Eye: “In 1993 Kiefer left Buchen, Germany for La Ribaute, a derelict silk factory near Barjac. From 2000 he began constructing a series of elaborate installations there. Like a strange, sprawling village, La Ribaute extends over 35 hectares and is composed of old industrial buildings and working studios that link to a network of underground tunnels dug out by Kiefer, which run underneath pavilions built to house paintings and installations. An underground pool at the cul-de-sac of a tubular iron tunnel is embedded within a crypt which backs onto to a 20 m tiered concrete amphitheatre. There are caves and woods, an open landscape of concrete towers — assembled like so many card houses — and secluded, private spaces. Traversing this landscape, the film immerses the audience in the total world and creative process of one of today’s most significant and inventive artists.”

Looks like a great film. Here is the trailer:

More clips from the film on it’s homepage over here.

The Art Newspaper: “Kiefer told The Guardian that talks are now underway to establish a joint German-French foundation which will look after the Barjac complex. The new organisation is driven by one aim: to allow nature to slowly reclaim the site, allowing Kiefer’s creations to be swamped by the encroaching earth.”

We also have this new story in The Guardian – A life in art: Anselm Kiefer and the video below which has been filmed by one of Kiefer’s former assistants around 2000.