Ai WeiWei on View: Grab our new Widget!

Posted May 19th, 2011 under China, Contemporary Art, Ikono, Shows

At ikonoTV, one of our mottos is a sentence written by Marcel Duchamp in 1957: “The two poles of the creation of art are the artist on the one hand and the other the spectator…”. (From “The Creative Act” text)

So we decided to dedicate a playlist to Ai Weiwei with some of his actual shows in the world by him or dedicated to him and will update it regularly. This is our way to make his art constantly present, and thereby complete the two poles of creation as Duchamp defined them. This playlist is in a widget – an online video player – free to all.

If you have a blog or a website, you are welcome to share it. Click on the Ai Weiwei playlist at and cut&paste the embed code (or post it with your blog ID) into a post, just like a youtube film and you will get the entire widget as choosen.

We would greatly appreciate feedback, comments and let us know if you will post it on a website ;-)

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