Show: Tobias Putrih – A, H, O, I, ! …

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Until June 25, 2011 at Galerija Gregor Podnar in Berlin

“Galerija Gregor Podnar is pleased to announce the opening of the exhibition A, H, O, I, ! …, which presents Tobias Putrih’s latest sculptures and works on paper.

The work of Tobias Putrih is based on several interconnecting ideas and practices; in particular, he is interested in how architecture, design and science affect systemic societal structures. As in the case of the four sculptures A, H, O, and I, which provide the starting point of this exhibition, the materials Putrih uses often consist of simple, elemental structures. These modular objects, able to be altered, are made of long styrofoam sticks supported by an inner wooden grid structure serving as a kind of connector system. The four letters on display humorously refer to the signal word “Ahoy,” a familiar word from the sailor’s vocabulary and also used daily as a form of salutation or greeting in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

These modular objects were created as a tribute to the „Reliefometar“ sculptures by Croatian architect and artist Vjenceslav Richter (1917-2002), who, as co-founding member of the Zagreb group Exat 51, promoted a neo-avantgarde utopia fusing art, architecture and design with everyday life.”

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