Wurm – An iPad Drawing App That’s a Work of Art

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“WURM is a generative art canvas that creates stunning whimsical patterns with the gliding gestures of your touch. It comes with a preset of unique shapes and palettes that intermix to an array of visual possibilities. You can handpick each combination or let the “shuffle” button surprise you with a new style every time. The drawing motion is silky smooth and fluid, such that each subtle movement is reflected in the outcome. Whether you’re looking for a colourful distraction, dynamic inspiration or a calm relaxation, WURM is likely to get you hooked. And regardless of whether you play for two minutes or two hours, there’s a very good chance that at some point you will hear yourself say ‘Ooooh’!

Do I need art skills to benefit from this app?

No art skills required! WURM belongs to a genre of art-making that is process based. Its goal isn’t to produce an image but to engage you into an experience. The real pleasure is derived while you’re interacting with it. There is never really an ending. Whatever image you capture is merely a still from a potentially infinite process. In turn, this process is made so simple that anyone can do it!”

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Get the app (designed for both iPhone and iPad) for $1,99 right away.