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“Adding the three-dimensional realm of what’s in front to you to a first-person shooter game could make for some pretty entertaining game play. Ball Invasion, an application [iTunes link] for iPad 2, promises just that.

Hold your device’s camera up to a flat surface with plenty of detail — a bookshelf or magazine for instance — and Ball Invasion will map out your surroundings and generate a playing field. You’re then tasked to shoot “malicious and cunning balls hiding in the real world,” with the challenge becoming more difficult with each progressive level.”
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Ball Invasion

The first (and only) iPad application to use the NASA-invented Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) technology to build real-time 3D maps of the environment as you move the iPad’s camera around.


Have you ever contemplated the existence of god? Or rather, have you ever truly pondered the existence of “invisible forces” that overlay and influence our every day reality? Well, you are not alone. For time immemorial, humanity has strived to have an intimate relationship with this alternate experiential reality.

As most of us are aware, this is a pivotal point in human evolution and technology. We can now access this world directly, through augmented reality. We are able to co-create within this realm. We can design in harmony with our divinity.

Introducing, enlitenar, the world’s first augmented spiritual reality experience. Drawing diverse esoteric knowledge from various religious practices and exercises, enlitenar offers connections, growth and enrichment. Utilizing visual, audial and other sensory augments, all who enter are immediately touched, physical but also metaphysically.
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‘Dobu Dobu’

Dobu Dobu is an augmented reality app that creates love, companionship and friendship through adoption of virtual pets.

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