Salvador Dali’s Vogue Covers

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“Part of Dalí’s allure was his visibility. While Warhol insisted that you could see his personality in the surface of his paintings, with Dalí, the question to be asked was: who was behind the public mask of the Grand Guignol showman? Like Warhol, he had an acute sense of the value of publicity and self-promotion. He published a great deal in magazines. He designed the cover of Vogue in 1939 (see image above), 1944 and 1946, and edited a whole issue in 1971 for the French edition. He also designed covers for Town and Country and American Weekly. In the mid 1940s he decided to launch his own newspaper, Dalí News (a pun on the title of the New York Daily News), which was entirely devoted to the topic of Dalí – the man, his exhibitions, his paintings and his films. The French art critic Pascal Beausse recently used the term “self-media” when referring to how some of today’s artists (for example, Wang Du, Bruno Serralongue and Pierre Huyghe) have utilised mass media such as television and the press to make their art. Dalí was, undoubtedly, the first of these self-media artists.”
Quoted from an excellent article at by Vincent Pécoil on Salvador Dalí

April 1944

December 1946

Special Christmas edition of the French Vogue 1971. Dali edited and illustrated the issue.

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