10 videos from all over the Art World

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A choice of videos from the various channels we’re watching: interviews, portraits and this and that as well. Have a look.

Chris Piascik by Quarter Productions

Chris Piascik makes an original piece in the spirit of Halloween.

Shot & edited by steve schinnerer:

Artist chris piascik:

Music by bonobo:

“Tajo” (2011) by Daniel Canogar

180 recycled bottles, water, 180 iron weights, projectors, media player
180 animations at 4 minute loops, 433 x 275.6 x 138 ” / 100 x 700 x 350 cm
edition of 3

“Tajo” is an installation which literally and metaphorically references the river system – the Tajo – of which the Madrid region and even Madrileños themselves form part. A meticulously crafted video animation is projected onto 180 used plastic bottles, converting the bottles themselves into small screen, while casting distorted abstract images onto walls of the exhibition space.


MOCA’s Critical Campout

The L.A. Urban Rangers lead a campfire program that explores the full spectrum of habitation options in downtown Los Angeles. Activities include the Downtown Ecotone Hike, a live demonstration of how to make an alternative temporary shelter, an Ask-a-Ranger station for all of your questions about downtown habitation options—from streets to loft condos— and a discussion about the vast climate of city ordinances shaping the habitat ecology.

Part of the Engagement Party Series
Video by Alex MacInnis

Artist Amy Casey

2009 – Emerging Artist Award for Visual Arts: clevelandartsprize.org/​awardees/​Amy_Casey.html

Arts Prize Channel: vimeo.com/​channels/​artsprize

Left Right

Shortfilm written & directed by Tom Willems
Produced by caviarfilms.com
art direction by endroitdenicolas.be
styling by Vanessa Eva Evrard
makeup by Laetitia Dewilde
dop gerdschelfhout.be
Editing by Koen @ montagewinkel.be
grading by Kene Illegems
Sound by sonicville.be
vfx by viktorbentley.com

shot entirely on Phantom Gold provided by fxbox.be
selected for the Locarno Film Festival

Natures 2B

Natures 2B from Quayola on Vimeo.

Excerpt from Natures series

The Natures project consist in a series of multi-screen installation pieces and a live audio-visual performance in collaboration with musicianMira Calix and cellist Oliver Coates. Natures explores the dialogue between “the natural” and “the artificial”, creating a world where these two elements coexist harmoniously. Interpreting plants’ organic behaviours, computer-generated elements become part of the natural world and vice versa.
Commissioned by Faster Than Sound and Aldeburgh Music (2008)

Design/Animation: Quayola
Music: Mira Calix, Oliver Coates
Producer: Joana Seguro (Lumin)
Assistants: D. Knowles, G. Berton, Y. Li, G. Korossy, P. Marquez, Mokhtarzateh, M. Gil, G. Gremigni, G. Polizzi

Dieter Rams: Less and More Interview

How to introduce one of the most influential designers of the 20th century–one whose clear visual language has not only defined product design for decades, but also our fundamental understanding of design’s potential and function? We’re guessing our “Less and More” book and this video podcast interview is a good start.

“Less and More: The Design Ethos of Dieter Rams” book

Smash137 & Zedz, Cityleaks Cologne 2011

Smash137 & Zedz, Cityleaks Cologne 2011 from CityLeaks on Vimeo.

produced by namugrafie.de
oemer mutlu | facebook.com/​namugrafie

for more information check out cityleaks-festival.com


Video-installatie ‘Still-Move’ Caemersklooster, Gent
Groepstentoonstelling met David Claerbout, Stan Douglas, Hans Op De Beeck en Angel Vergara
Curator Hans Martens

“Portrait of a Walk: Aspen” (2011) by Lincoln Schatz

Filmed during a two-hour hike in Aspen, Colorado wearing a body-mounted camera, “Portrait of a Walk: Aspen” is part of Schatz’s ongoing exploration of place, process and event.
The wearable camera reduces the conceptual and physical distance between the landscape and myself by merging us into a single entity. Moving together, the camera captures a direct recording of my experience. – Lincoln Schatz