DMesh – Triangle Mesh based image generator

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“In the last few years we have seen a number of projects that utilise delaunay triangulation to translate photographs into their geometric representations. Jonathan Puckey’s Delaunay Raster was one of the first to utilise this combination of delaunay triangulation with manually placed points and color averaging. Jonathan’s images, most of us have seen already, have inspired a wave of projects.

Latest project that utilises a very similar technique is DMesh, a custom software made in Cinder by Dofl Yun that analyzes an image and generate a triangle meshes with points. Included in the app is also manual mode so a user can add more points to get more detail or delete existing points. Users can also export an image as either a bitmap image or a vector image. See video below.

The current version you see below has most of the functions Dofl has planned for the basic version. He also intends to create a professional version that may include Video Import/Output, Object Tracking, Triangle Mesh Particle System and possibly 3D Work Environment and 3D Model export. iPhone / iPad version is on the list.

Here are some of the images we made with the preview version of the app. No word on the release yet.”

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