Doodley – Drawing Game App races up the rankings list

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Doodley™, a new drawing application using fingers or a stylus that allows even the most artistically challenged to release their inner Van Gogh, continues to race to the top of app rankings. Despite a noisy apps market, Doodley has hit 90,000 downloads completely through virtual word-of-mouth., and. Doodley has hit number 32 in the U.S. App Store rankings in the “entertainment” category, number 8 in Taiwan, 17 in the U.K. and made Apple’s “New and Noteworthy” all within a few weeks of launch.

“Without expecting it, Doodley struck a nerve and created an instant, active user community,” said Ryan Ozonian, founder of Mention Mobile, the Los Angeles-based development company that created Doodley. “People all around the world and of all abilities are demonstrating amazing artistic expression with this tool. Doodley has become a hit app for casual drawing on iOS touch screen tablets.”

Doodley is the world’s first social doodling network and contest venue that rewards drawing skills. Doodley users receive prompts with the theme of that week’s contest, for example an “angry pirate,” a “fat chef,” etc. Users submit their creation and view others’ pieces of work. After they are reviewed, the best “doodles” are selected and the winning artists receive prizes. Users can comment on others’ artwork, share their own creations via Facebook and engage with others in an active and supportive artistic community.

“We partnered with Mention Mobile because of how well they integrate social elements into their gaming applications like Doodley,” said Michael Abdy of Tiforp Business Ventures, who recently invested in Doodley. “This dynamic drawing app is going viral around the world, and is a great example of how art can transcend cultural and language barriers.”

Mention Mobile recently created the hit social game Trivia Friends, and has attracted the interest of high profile investors like Mark Cuban.

Plans are in the works to build out the Doodley social network and other related apps.

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