Forget the Film, Watch the Titles

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Forget the Film, Watch the Titles ia a great ressource for designer, illustrators, animators and graphic artists in general.

“Title sequences can be engaging or wildly entertaining, funny, exhilarating, or simply drop dead beautiful. They can be oozing with visual poetry and sophisticated imagery while others hit you hard with their bold and audacious stylistic gestures. And let’s face it, everybody loves a good title sequence.

The very best title sequences not only succeed in putting the audience in the right mood for the movie, they transcend their proper function and venture off into the realm of something far deeper and far greater. They are the signifiers of contemporary pop culture and an art form in their own right. Just look at the impact of, for example, Kyle Cooper’s title sequence for Se7en that has left an indelible mark, not just on film and motion design, but on contemporary visual culture as a whole.

Forget the Film, Watch the Titles launched in 2006 and was the world’s first online resource dedicated to film title design.”

Above you find an image from the latest post: “An unusual mix of ink-painted backgrounds, cartoon animations and improvised typography designed with oil pastel crayons. The main title for Fantômas se Déchaîne (original title) is credited to Berthon Films. But who was the creative force behind this forgotten studio? This quintessentially French piece of animaton could not be left uncredited.” Read more and watch the title sequence over here.