On View: Architecture of Fear

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Architecture of Fear explores how feelings of fear pervade daily life in the contemporary media society. The cause of fear seems interchangeable and constantly fluctuating. Shifting from one thing to the next, often relating to invisible or indirect phenomena’s (terrorism, viral diseases, pollution, financial crisis), anything has the ability to become a potential threat. Rather than an immediate emotional strategy for survival fear is becoming a constant low level feeling in the background that gives rise to a new global infrastructure based on security, prevention and risk-management.

Architecture of Fear brings together a selection of international artists and designers that reflect in different ways on the society of fear, ranging from registration and critical research, to exploring its emotional, social and spatial mechanisms.

Shortlist artists: Bureau D’Etudes, De Geuzen, Floris Douma, Laurent Grasso, Ilkka Halso, Susanna Hertrich, Charlotte Lybeer, Jill Magid, Jennifer and Kevin McCoy, Tracey Moffatt, Trevor Paglen, Marie Sester, Kin Wah Tsang and Els Vanden Meersch.

The show is on until 31.12.2011 at Z33, Zuivelmarkt 33, Belgium – 3500 Hasselt.

Minicatalogue Architecture of Fear. Click image above for the fullscreen version of the catalogue. Also for sale on paper at the desk for 2,5 euro.

Curator Ils Huygens talks about some of the works in the exhibition and interviews with artist Kevin McCoy, Charlotte photographer Lybeer and designer Susanna Hertrich.

There are a lot more videos from “Architecture of Fear” over here on Youtube.

- Architecture of Fear – We-make-money-not-art had a conversation with artist Trevor Paglen. His work includes tracking and photographing 189 classified American satellites in orbit around Earth (see image above) as well as locating and photographing US-run ‘black sites’ in Afghanistan.