Ron English Sticker Book – “The Emperor’s New Art”

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Who wants a book that just sits on the coffee table? Here’s one to decorate not only the coffee table, but the refrigerator, notebooks, laptop computers, public walls, automobiles, or practically any other surface. Ron English’s Stickable Art Offenses is a book of stickers you can actually put up in your own environment, filled with mini-billboards, “subvertisements” and other visual enhancements from one of the most prolific and recognizable artists today.

English coined the term POPaganda to describe his signature mash-up of high & low cultural touchstones, populated with his vast and constantly growing arsenal of original characters, including MC Supersized, the obese fast-food mascot featured in the film Supersize Me, and Abraham Obama, the fusion of America’s 16th and 44th presidents. Includes amusing anecdotes from English’s stickered past.

Ron English’s Stickable Art Offenses puts you in control of the canvas. These hilarious parodies are more than enough to keep you entertained — as well as arrested! Just ask the artist himself. Actually, you don’t have to. English retells the story of how undercover agents in plainclothes rushed him outside of a populer Manhattan club. So, it goes without saying that neither Last Gasp nor Ron English are responsible for whatever trouble you get yourself into with these! Designed by Randy Johnson.

“A latter-day American hero, a Robin Hood who does not so much steal from the rich as steal the rich’s thunder by making their products seem wicked or idiotic.” – The Guardian

“One of the art world’s most effective and visually candid critics of this or any troubled time.” – Juxtapoz

Ron English has bombed the global landscape with unforgettable images on the street, in museums, in movies, books, television, and album covers.

Randy Johnson is the grandson of Premier Sideshow Banner painter Fred G Johnson, and currently a Senior Designer/Art Director with a top consulting firm. He co-wrote and designed the Last Gasp title Freaks Geeks and Strange Girls: Sideshow Banners of the Great American Midway.

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