Children’s Drawings Painted Realistically

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This wonderful project by Dave Devries finally gets it’s own book: “The Monster Engine is a book, a demonstration, lecture and a gallery exhibition. The premise for all three came from one single question: What would a child’s drawing look like if it were painted realistically?

It began at the Jersey Shore in 1998, where my niece Jessica often filled my sketchbook with doodles. While I stared at them, I wondered if color, texture and shading could be applied for a 3D effect. As a painter, I made cartoons look three dimensional every day for the likes of Marvel and DC comics, so why couldn’t I apply those same techniques to a kid’s drawing? That was it… no research, no years of toil, just the curiosity of seeing Jessica’s drawings come to life.

The book is a 48-page collection of drawings, paintings, photos and interviews. The book’s preface explains, in depth, the history, intentions and results of this seven-year project.

What’s inside the book?
One page shows a child’s a monster drawing.
One page shows my painting (based upon that drawing.)
Two pages contain an interview with the child about my painting. These interviews have three embedded photos of the child talking.
Because the interview pages separating pages one and four, there is a “cliff hanger” aspect that leaves the viewer in anticipation of the painted transformation. This never fails to get a great reaction. Once that has occurred, children and adults alike can read the interviews for the humor and insights about the art.