DigitisedArt teams up with London master paintings week

Posted December 28th, 2011

Auctions, England, Galleries

DigitisedArt, the brainchild of online entrepreneur Paul Evans, is emerging as the new digital connector and facilitator for art businesses, events and associations. Conceived earlier this year with galleries, dealers, photographers and printers in mind, DigitisedArt has recently been appointed by Master Paintings Week 2012, to provide a digital platform for the participating galleries and auction houses. This is the first time an arts event of this calibre has decided to use digital media as opposed to a traditional printed catalogue.

DigitisedArt will provide the following:

• All participants will be given a free (restricted) account on DigitisedArt, to upload and manage five works of art.

• Master Paintings Week will have its own account to manage the ‘collection’ of paintings from all the participants.

• The ‘collection’ will then be used as a resource for the printed marketing material, as well as the live data source for the website, and a new mobile application for iPhone, Blackberry and Android.

• Galleries and auction houses will be able to manage and edit their own data and these changes will be synchronised to the website and mobile application automatically.

This promises to be the most sophisticated resource connected with a single event in the art world. For the participating galleries, auction houses and organisers, the benefits are efficiency and exposure; one easy upload results in the material being marketed via numerous different channels, and via a controlled and secure method. Importantly, the system enables the participants to tap into what is one of the most innovative uses of digital media.

Konrad Bernheimer, one of the founders of Master Paintings Week, remarks: “Paul’s service is truly pioneering. It deserves to become the industry standard for digital management, simply because it offers far more than any equivalent provider; in addition it helps to pull all our professional needs together through the provision of an open and credible network.”

For collectors, both local and global, DigitisedArt will provide digital access to a large proportion of works on display during the event, ensuring virtual access to the works wherever one’s location. Visitors will also be able to use DigitisedArt’s mobile application, which is built around a map presentation, helping visitors to locate galleries, lectures, and events with ease.