Stanley Kubrick’s New York Photographs: Browse Them or Buy Them

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Now you can buy prints of those incredible photos shot by Stanley Kubrick you might have heard of. A perfect gift for New Yorkers, photographers and filmlovers.

In 1945, a young Stanley Kubrick graduated from high school and almost immediately started working for LOOK Magazine as a photojournalist, becoming the youngest staff photographer in the magazine’s history. It’s during this period that Kubrick began to master his visual craft and produced some stunning images. Now, more than 65 years later, you can purchase … or simply browse through … Kubrick’s photographic work for the first time.

Working with curators from the Museum of the City of New York, has selected 25 images to showcase (out of a larger collection of 10,000 images). Photos include prizefighter Walter Cartier in the corner between rounds; the elegant actress Betsy Von Furstenberg reading in a window; street scenes from New York City; and a young woman walking down a steep set of stairs while carrying a pile of books, all rather precariously.

You can browse the full collection here, or visit another set of Kubrick images, all taken in Chicago.

Image above: Shoe Shine Boys Limited Edition Photograph By Director Stanley Kubrick from 1947 for Look Magazine.