The future of artistic creation on the Internet

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More than 15 years after the beginnings of net art, the Internet has become the most ubiquitous participative global media of the 21st century; a huge territory between normalisation, commerce, hope and utopia. Is the Internet a disenchanted space for artists and creative people or is there a future for online arts and critical creative actions? If so, what are their possible forms and directions?

This is what WJ-Spots Brussels proposed to investigate by gathering an international panel of some of the most influential net artists, theorists, online activists and digital cultures thinkers who shared their views on the past and future of artistic creation on the Internet. You can watch the videos and get more info over here or here. Or try the talks below.

WJ-Spots Brussels – part 1

WJ-Spots Brussels – part 2

The Extreme Futurist Fest

Picture an event where the bridge between the counterculture and academia is finally crossed. From live tech demonstrations to futuristic presentations to provocative performance art to live music we will take you off the grid as we explore a new kaleidoscopic wonderland. If the original Burning Man was to meet the Singularity Summit, you would have Extreme Futurist Fest 2011. Dec. 16-17, 2011 in Los Angeles. Our dear friend Hanin Elias and Natasha Vita-More (Chairwoman of Humanity+) will be there.
The speaker above is Rachel Haywire by the way.

Tag: We’re It art installation

Elliot le Menager: “Lisa Kaselak, a filmmaker and digital artist and Lee Billington, a Creative Director and designer specializing in interactive design are setting the stage on what can be done with 2dbarcodes in the physical world and the experience behind them.So they created a two-dimensional piece of art that you could explore and that delivered more than just the surface content. The exhibition was attended by over 400 people in two days, and was extended by the gallery for two weeks through the E.A.S.T. Austin studio tour – Austin’s single largest art event of the year. Tag: We’re It – a digital art installation that used projectors to deliver a floating field of droplets along a white wall. Visitors to the exhibition were invited to share a memory which is recorded and they were then presented with a frame which they could use to reconstruct a Microsoft Tag by placing their frame on any grouping of droplets on the wall. This may sound confusing – just hit play on the video above to see the resulting beauty of the installation. Viewers could use their smartphone to scan the tag that their frame created and access any one of a hundred pre-recorded video memories, perhaps even their own.”

Bring your own Beamer

Rafael Rozendaal continues his Bring Your Own Beamer (BYOB) series. The exhibition format invites people to bring a projector and create their own exhibition for one night, screening images onto spaces and exploring ways to free digital work from the screen. Each edition reinterprets the format in its own way.

Video above presented by CBCNET, August 20, 2011, BYOB Tokyo at Daikanyama M venue
Artists: Rafaël Rozendaal, Parker Ito, youpy, Tota Hasegawa, Genki Ito, TYMOTE,Hisashi Okawa, Semitra, Shunya Hagiwara, Akihiko Taniguchi, Masashi Kawamura, Yasuto Yokota, Takuya Hosogane, Takashi Yamaguchi, and more…

More about BYOB Tokyo: