Apple Designer likes to doodle

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From South Bay, Los Angeles, Tony Hong meticulously creates beautiful “doodles” through the unforgiving medium of ink. He has worked for Apple and Target, but his main work is done in a rather old fashioned way.

“In this short film profile by director Christopher Ahn and producer Steve So of 5ive Story Walkup, Hong describes himself as a “career doodler” and “line maker,” never as the fine artist that he is”, writes Angry Asian Man for The Huffington Post.

“Perhaps it’s because he’s resisted his talents for so long. As a student at UCLA, Hong majored in psychology and never pursued art in a serious way during college. Over the phone, Hong told the Huffington Post that he chose psychology for the “anonymity” of a 400-person lecture hall. “I just sat in the back and doodled… I wasn’t motivated in college.”

In the film, Hong reveals that if it weren’t for his friends, he might have never become the artist he is today. One Christmas, he received a sketchbook as a present from a secret Santa and started taking his drawing more seriously. “I never would have bought a sketchbook on my own,” he admitted in the film, and now he always has one by his side.” Read on at The Huffington Post.

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Hong’s video profile is the first in a series on creative types that Ahn and So are filming together.

Directed by: Christopher Ahn
Produced by: Steve So
Edited by: Christopher Ahn
Music: St. Eve – Old Skool