Francesco Vezzoli mocks museums with Pop-Up Shop in Paris

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“Italian artist Francesco Vezzoli isn’t known for holding back in his work. He has cast superstar actors, actresses, and directors in fake movie trailers and political campaign ads, created a perfume that smells like “greed,” put Nicki Minaj in a baroque dress for W Magazine, and had Lady Gaga play a piano painted by Damien Hirst,” writes Art Info.. “In fact, most of Vezzoli’s oeuvre has been star-studded (which is why it’s surprising to hear him complain that he is “tiring of working with stars” in a recent interview with the Guardian.)

Yet the artist’s latest proposal for a 24-hour-only pop-up museum, still carries the reflected shine of celebrity, despite its posture of institutional critique. Vezzoli will take over Paris’s Palais d’Iéna (the exact date is still TBA), filling it with 16-foot-tall neoclassical figures topped by the heads of celebrities he has worked with, including Courtney Love and Cate Blanchett. The Palais d’Iéna was originally built as a museum, but currently hosts France’s social, economic, and environmental councils. Vezzoli will kick out the government for a day and install his own version of a museum, featuring an institution with its own press conferences and student tours during the day that transforms into a fully functioning nightclub in the evening. In its final three hours, the museum will throw a public party.

Vezzoli’s 24-hour museum could be just another spectacle, but the artist sees it as a parody of institutional integrity compromised by money (Vezzoli’s museum, as with several other of his projects, is sponsored by Prada).”

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Image above: Detail of Francesco Vezzoli’s “Pokerface (Self portrait with Mother Gaga – After de Chirico),” 2009. Courtesy Gagosian Gallery

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