ikonoTV’s Carte Blanche: Charlotte Cotton

Posted January 10th, 2012 under Curators, Ikono, Photography

Charlotte Cotton is the creative director of Media Space, a partnership between the Science Museum and the National Media Museum, UK that will open in London in 2012. Previously, she was the head of the Wallis Annenberg Department of Photography at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, head of programming at The Photographers’ Gallery and curator of photographs at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. She is the author of the best selling The Photograph as Contemporary Art and the founder of Wordswithoutpictures.org.

For ikonoTV, she chose the Californian video artist Owen Kydd, who bridges the two worlds of photography and video. He uses a photo-documentary style, but with subjects that move only slightly. Presently his practice consists of making these durational photographs. The artist says about his work: “If there is a potential of video for genre or historical picture making, then the form itself, which is a visual duration, should intervene with the photo-documentary subject. Video may have the potential to both record and disrupt the still image – to introduce elements of the unknown to photography. Instead of mythologizing, dominating or imprisoning moments, it can allow subjects to escape the totalizing nature of the still frame, and can create a new distance from the viewer. (..) With cameras that are now both video and photographic, the line between the two types of image is immediatly blurred with the turn of a dial. I am interested in making video that uses the codes and signifiers of American Documentary Photography, to test this boundary and investigate a new medium’s potential to adapt to communities that are in flux.”