Julianne Moore as Famous Works of Art

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“Julianne Moore is… Modigliani’s muse, a Klimt damsel, and a tousled temptress by Egon Schiele”, writes Flavorwire who picked up this story from the Museumnerd. “Recently, this incredible photo shoot with the actress has surfaced out of an old Harper’s Bazaar and into the art-minded Tumblr-sphere. Check out the shots taken by the famous fashion photographer Peter Linderbergh, side-by-side with their original inspirations, as spotted by Museum Nerd. What strikes us isn’t just the meticulous styling, strategically echoing the visuals of the original artwork with couture. Moore is doing a splendid job channeling the subjects, beaming with vigor of a glamorous “cripple” by John Currin, as if she was a Currin model frozen in a frame. You be the judge. Do these do it for you? ”

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- Harper’s BAZAAR: Julianne Moore: Portrait of a Lady (May 2008 ) - Julianne reflects on fashion, family, and artistic inspiration