Markus Hansen – Crisis Cabin

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“Markus Hansen’s ‘crisis hut’ is reminiscent of the huts of the Black Forest. Without a nail, screw or glue, every piece slots together to facilitate it’s mobility. It’s exterior is covered with feathers to protect against the rain. Made of 22mm plywood it has a system of shelves on the inside that slot into the rest of the structure.The books that fill the shelves isolate against the cold and are the source of reinvention and regeneration. The cover of feathers remind us of the necessity of a dialogue with nature for survival whilst the lining of books serve as the resource of the past for the future.

The ‘crisis hut’ is both a primitive and sophisticated response to the demands generated by a crisis. ”

Text from the Gandy Gallery’s: Danubian Dreams” The architectural project Danubian Dreams was born during the occasion of an encounter between the architect Odile Decq and the galeriste Nadine Gandy.

The gandy gallery’s vocation is to be a laboratory rather than a simple gallery; a meeting point without exclusivity for art, design and architecture, but also for the creation of multiples forms and projects. ”

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