Shankaboot – The first Arabic Web Series

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Shankaboot is an interactive web-based video series filmed in and around Beirut, Lebanon. It is the world’s first Arabic Web Drama Series.

Shankaboot – The web series takes us into the beating heart of modern Beirut street life through the eyes of Suleiman, our 15-year-old, happy-go-lucky delivery boy. Along for the ride are 19-year-old Ruwaida and the mysterious 20-something Chadi and a host of other memorable characters. One of the aims of the series is to present Beirut life and the life in Lebanon in the most realistic style. In keeping with that aim, the show’s creators cast actors with little to no prior acting experience for a naturalistic acting style rarely seen on Arabic television.

Shankaboot’s popular Facebook fan page, Twitter and Youtube Channel offers the opportunity for the viewers to interact with the program and other viewers. Between seasons, the viewers can stay updated on events, twists, and inside stories of Shankaboot, through the weekly episode of “Inside Shankaboot”. These short videos provide insight on the characters’ thoughts, desires, explanations to events and the comical endeavors that surround the production of the series. In Autumn 2010, Shankaboot released “Shankactive”, an online forum and showcase platform for creative talent in the Middle East. This platform enables Shankaboot viewers to participate in creating their own stories through various media and visual means. In parallel with the launch of “Shankactive”, young Lebanese enthusiast will be trained in video production and storytelling through series of workshops.

The Production of the first season of Shankaboot took place in Beirut in December, 2009, largely in the area of Burj-Hammoud, a densely populated town on the Eastern borders of Beirut. The second season of Shankaboot was filmed in Beirut and the Bekaa Valley. The third season was filmed again in Beirut during July 2010. Shankaboot is produced by Batoota Films in Association the BBC World Service Trust and The Welded Tandem Picture Company.

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Shankaboot – Episode 1: Delivery Interrupted

It’s just another ordinary day in the life of Suleiman and his delivery service, Shankaboot. But little does he know that his happy-go-lucky existence is about to be turned upside down.