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Actor Jim Carrey’s serial humor belies his artful quest to make sense of the world and affect people’s lives.

Steven Biller reports for Palm Springs Life: “Black lights perched on two towers point toward High Visibility, a 16-foot-tall, Pop-style painting filled with figuratively drawn archetype characters and winding text that’s at once emotional, philosophical, and moral. It is a dizzying swirl of love, lust, betrayal, abandonment, and other emotional bondage — each as personal in conception as it is universal to its audience.

“This is the first time I’ve seen the painting upright,” says the artist, Jim Carrey, who worked more than 400 hours on the piece in his New York studio. “Physically, it was a tremendous challenge working on sections of it while hanging from scaffolding and with all the emotional ups and downs.”

The painting arrived at Heather James Fine Art in Palm Desert on a flatbed truck — one of 40 works in the comic actor’s first solo exhibition, Nothing to See Here.

Carrey, who turns 50 this month, directs his assistants and the gallery staff to position the lights for optimum effect. “I’m addicted to the idea of creation,” he beams. “I think you’re kidding yourself if you think you’re creating for yourself. You create for other people to experience it.”

Two days later, the gallery — which typically shows Impressionist and Modern masters and the cream of contemporary art — would open the exhibition to an exclusive guest list.

After determining how to conceal the light towers, Carrey walks through the gallery’s three salons, inspecting the installation, which includes two larger-than-life Fiberglas sculptures, two videos, and a Twitter conversation projected and scrolling on facing walls.

Looking toward the part of High Visibility that shows a man and woman embracing, he reads the woman’s illuminated quote: “… and when the whole of me is not enough, what then when I’m older. Will your light be kind[?]”

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Text permeates many of his paintings. He even jokes about creating his own typeface for his distinctive script.

The paintings in the show include Pop-style portraits of friends, such as Pamela Anderson, whose eyes reflect a man silhouetted by the moon, and social commentaries, like the one about gossips: Have You Heard What They Are Saying?”

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