The Right Heart – A Makerbot Stop Motion Music Video

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In celebration of the new Makerbot Replicator 3D printer, a stop-motion animation that depicts the birth-by-printer of a sweet girl and the heartbreak she experiences thereafter.

A music video for The Right Heart by Scary Car (Bryan Scary and Giulio Carmassi). Features MakerBot-made characters and set pieces! A wonderful fairy tale about a princess who is looking for a heart!

MUSIC BY: Scary Car (Bryan Scary and Giulio Carmassi)
STORY BY: Bre Pettis
ANIMATION BY: Annelise Jeske

Thanks to Bre Pettis, Hugo Boyer, Yves Mervin-Leroy, Tatyana Astakhova, Elliot Cohen and Michael Curry. Thingiverse designs by skimbal, ecohen, unfold, mrbug and tc-fea.

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Via Wonderland.