ikonomenasa at the 4th Marrakech Biennale

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This week, ikonoMenasa is partnering with the 2012 Marrakech Biennale. Broadcasting highlights from the “Higher Atlas” exhibition curated by Carson Chan and Nadim Samman, “Low Mountains” exhibition from the Palais de Tokyo curated by Marc-Olivier Wahler as well as artists works from the Dar al-Ma’Mun Foundation, a special Carte Blanche program with curator Nine Eglantine Yamamoto-Masson and our MENA program with artists such as Mounir Fatmi, Lara Baladi, Steve Sabella, Rachid Koraichi among others.

Carte Blanche – Nine Eglantine Yamamoto-Masson

Several television screens at different locations of the Biennale display ikonoMenasa in HD, allowing visitors to discover unique works from participating artists and artists from the region. If you live in one of the 22 Arab League countries, and cannot attend the Marrakech Biennale turn on your television, tune in to ikonoMenasa and enjoy! Check the full program on:


Marrakech Biennale works to form cultural bridges and dialogues creating a forum for debate, free thinking and the exchange of ideas through contemporary Visual Art, Literature and Film. The opening 5 days will be titled Surrender and will consist of Performances, Debates, Talks and Screenings as well as the opening of the Main Visual Arts Exhibition. The Main Visual Arts Exhibitions running from the 29th February – End of May.

Special Marrakech Biennal Program on ikonoMenasa

For all of you living in the MENA region, switch on your TV on ikonoMenasa and check our special Marrakech Biennal program from 29th February – 5fth March. Point your satellite dish to ArabSat BADR-5 Satellite. In order to tune in, you need an HD Satellite Receiver. Technical specs: Frequency: 11785 MHz, Polarisation: V, SR: 27500 KS/s, FEC: 3/4 Also available in the UAE on: Etisalat channel 484 and Du channel 410

First held in November 2005, the Marrakech Biennale is the first major trilingual (English, Arabic & French) festival in North Africa focusing on cutting-edge contemporary art, literature and film. The Marrakech Biennale seeks to build cultural bridges through the arts well as between disciplines by enabling discussions with and between artists. By bringing together Artists, Film makers and Writers from around the world the Biennale aims to promote the status of the artist and contemporary culture in North Africa and to dynamize the regional creative scene. Held every two years, the Marrakech Biennale promotes inter-cultural and inter-disciplinary exchanges through an educational approach that addresses art professionals, students and the general public.

Marrakech Biennale 2012 – Portraits by Alia Radman

A short film by Brenda Goldblatt showcasing the Marrakech Biennale’s 3rd edition in 2009:

Dar al-Ma’Mun Center for Artistic Residencies

Dar Al-Ma’mûn is an artists residency founded by the Ithaque guest house complex located in the Ourika green valley near Marrakesh. Dar Al-Ma’mûn brings a wealth of cultural activities (an exhibition space, a library of over 10,000 books in Arabic and French, a literary translation research centre, cultural and educational activities for children and adults).

Image above: World Pressure IV by Batoul S’himi