Imaging The Entire World – A Way Of Visualizing Culture

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“I’m interested intellectually and culturally about how the imaged world is being knit together by technologies such as Photosynth. More or less public images on Flickr, they’re all being knit together in this giant quilt. Any place you look has been photographed. Anything you want to see, from the street, from the air, by satellite photo.”

Wired: “For decades, photographer Paul Shambroom has trained his lens on the infrastructure of America, from nuclear weapons storage facilities to manufacturing plants; local council meetings to emergency response teams.

His investigations require mountains of research and hundreds of thousands of miles on the road. Known for his large-format, purposefully composed photographs, Shambroom is a distinguished name. And yet, he is ready to put his approach and techniques aside for a joyride in the sea of online digital images.

“I love image making … but it’s something I know I can do. I just don’t want to spend the rest of my life doing the same things,” he says.

Instead, Shambroom is teaching students at the University of Minnesota about navigating images found on the internet and how image production and consumption are evolving. As he trades in his car keys for a keyboard, Raw File taps Shambroom’s thoughts about online imagery, the photographer-artists best swimming through the swell of images, Boolean searches and bombarding students with left-field assignments.”

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Image above: Decontamination foam test in “Disaster City,” aka the National Emergency Response and Rescue Training Center in College Station, Texas, 2006. Photo: Paul Shambroom