Man finds Million Dollar Comic Collection in basement

Posted February 28th, 2012 under Auctions, Collections, Comics, News

Ever had that dream about finding a lost Picasso worth millions in your aunt’s basement? Or a good copy of Superman No.1 at least? This is what happened to an oil plant worker, but he didn’t only find one rare comic book, he found a whole collection, including 44 of the 100 most valuable comics ever.

A sweet story from AP at USA Today: “Michael Rorrer said his great aunt once mentioned having comic books she would one day give him and his brother, but it was a passing remark made when they were boys and still into superheroes.

Ruby Wright gave no indication at the time — and she died last February, leaving it unclear — that her late husband’s comic collection contained some of the most prized issues ever published. The 345 comics were slated to sell at auction in New York on Wednesday, and were expected to fetch more than $2 million.

Rorrer, 31, of Oxnard, Calif., said he thought his great uncle Billy Wright’s comics were cool, but he didn’t realize how valuable they were for months after finding them neatly stacked in a basement closet while helping clear out his great aunt’s Martinsville, Va., home a few months after her death.

Rorrer, who works at a plant where oil is separated from water, said he was telling a co-worker about Captain America No. 2, a 1941 issue in which the hero bursts in on Adolf Hitler, when the co-worker mused that it would be something if he had Action Comics No. 1, in which Superman makes his first appearance.

“I went home and was looking through some of them and there it was,” said Rorrer, who then began researching the collection’s value in earnest.

He found out that his great uncle had managed as a boy to buy a staggering array of what became the most valuable comic books ever published, and kept them in good condition.

“This is just one of those collections that all the guys in the business think don’t exist anymore,” said Lon Allen, the managing director of comics for Heritage Auctions, the Dallas-based auction house overseeing the sale.

The collection includes 44 of The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide’s list of top 100 issues from comics’ golden age.”

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