So, how’s the VIP Art Fair 2.0 going?

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One more day to log into the online VIP art fair and check out what the buzz is a ll about. The New York Times calls it “an Art Expo on the Web, Virtual Fairgoer Included – Last year’s fair was rife with technical problems: log-in difficulties, a temporary site shutdown and reports from dealers that they couldn’t update the “back room” components of their displays. (Not that things like this don’t happen at brick-and-mortar art fairs: I was once at the opening of a New York fair that was shut down by a gas leak.) This year things seem to be running more smoothly. As intended, VIP feels like a traditional art fair, at least in its structure. Rather than breaking the mold, it tries to translate the format faithfully to the virtual realm.”

Art Info – How’s VIP Treating You? What Collectors, Dealers, and Artists Have to Say About the Online Fair: “Yet now that the technical glitches are out of the way, the real question occurs: Can a user interface, however slick, convince the art world that the Internet can work as a venue for art? Few activities are more intimately related to actual physical bodily experience than art viewing, and a successful Internet art fair might just mark the advent of a whole new mindset about how art works today.

To begin to answer these questions, over the last few days ARTINFO has spoken with a variety of members from three of VIP’s potential audiences — collectors, dealers, and artists — to find out how the fair is changing the way they look at art.” Read on here and here.

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In the meantime, GalleristNY is live blogging the event.

Image above: Adrian Paci’s “Centro di Permanenza temporanea,” 2009, is exhibited by Peter Blum Gallery in the VIP Art Fair

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