The Teen Art Gallery

Posted February 6th, 2012

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This is what happens in the age of the Internet and Kickstarter: “T.A.G. (Teen Art Gallery) is an organization run for teens by teens that features young artists, ages 12-19, in New York City galleries. T.A.G. was started by Audrey Banks in December 2010 in Manhattan.

For some young-adults, the art world– full of white walls, art dealers and established artists–can be intimidating. We may have difficulty approaching this world even if we are well endowed in both maturity and talent. Our difficulty is partly due to the lack of knowledge that coincides with the limiting environment assigned to us because of our age. T.A.G.’s goal is to eliminate this limitation when present and provide fellow teenaged-students with the opportunity to take part in displaying their works in a gallery. T.A.G. reaches out to all young artists so that they are not alone in figuring out the process of showing their work in a gallery setting.

Many teenagers are immensely talented and sophisticated in their use of techniques, such that their place in a gallery is beyond well deserved.

This year we are working on opening our next shows in Chelsea, Manhattan and Soho, Manhattan. The Chelsea show will take place in March and will feature art of all mediums including painting, photography, film, music, installation, sculpture and performance art. In order to afford future spaces, projectors, a sound system, framing, catering, printing, and transportation for both shows, donations are a must. We are paying for every artist’s framing. We are paying for every artists transportation. We are paying for everything! Any donation will be greatly appreciated!

The current members are Noa Bricklin, Sophie Donlon, Paris Starn, Jennifer Yue, Alyssa Asaro, Dante Pilkington, Daniel Ramos, Sophia Orlow, Eve Rusk, Sierra Pittman, Charlotte Lee, and Sam Williams. In August 2011, a T.A.G. Germany and a T.A.G. Florence was founded. Together, our mission is to provide fellow students with the opportunity to display their work in a gallery.

Last summer the Teen Art Gallery had its debut show at The Open Center in Manhattan. The show was a major success, featuring works from 37 emerging young artists and attracting coverage from various publications such as the New York Times, New York Magazine, The Huffington Post, Paper Magazine and Frieze Magazine. ”

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