“For The Remainder” by Omer Ben David

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Omer Ben David has developed a very unique style and created an astonishing film here. This is what the artist has to say:
“This short animated film is my graduation project from Bezalel, Academy of arts and Design, Jerusalem, Israel.
The film sets the story of an old house cat who bids farewell to his home, his owner and the world he used to know.

Utilizing a 3D painterly look and rough yet clean design, this film conveys an atmospheric, vague, somewhat nuance of a story.
Creating a unique look of brush strokes that breathe and flow and operate as guides for the expression of the most inner feelings one might have in a situation of the sort.

In my work I often wish to convey the smallests of notions, and I like keeping the setting bitter sweet with no big sayings or over-dramatic plots.