Yummy Glowing Sushi and 3D-printed cricket nuggets

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Who knew that a forkful of food could have such a far reaching effect? Dublin’s Science Gallery’s first foray into food, EDIBLE, tackles this vast topic from the perspective of the eater, probing how our actions as eaters shape what is sown, grown, harvested and consumed.

The New Scientist visited „Edible: The Taste of Things To Come“ at the Science Gallery in Dublin, a weird show mixing food, art and science with 3D printing and thoughts about the future: ” Several exhibits offered more virtual dining experiences: Steam Cells, for example, comprises a series of dining scenarios devised by postgraduate students from the National College of Art & Design in Paris and inspired by stem cell research at the I-Stem laboratory in Evry, France.

Insects Au Gratin, by a group of British artists, suggests that 3D printing is the technology that could make entomophagy (the consumption of insects) catch on. It has an ecological dimension – crickets take four times less energy to produce than beef – even if it also has a pretty strong yuck factor. But extruding the insect protein into alternative shapes could help to eliminate that. Given what we already do with foods the idea of munching on cricket nuggets may not be as far-fetched as it sounds. ”
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How about some glowing Kryptonite-Sushi made from geneticall manipulated fish? Try Glowing Sushi then. They also work with mice over there…

Glowing Sushi Cooking Show Episode 1

The Glowing Sushi cooking show uses everyday ingredients and some simple kitchen chemistry to explore cutting edge biotechnology. Each episode we invite a guest from the world of art or cuisine to join us in our experimental kitchen, showing viewers how to easily replicate our experiments in their own home. Please read our ethics & safety tips before making any dish: Genomic Gastronomy

In this first episode Cathrine Kramer helps us prepare the “Kryptonite Roll” and the “Stop & Glow Roll”.