‘Modern Football’ (1951) – Lost Robert Altman Movie Found at Flea Market

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Robert Altman’s first film, according to IMDB. Transferred from an ultra-rare 16mm print discovered at a Kansas City swap & shop. Altman himself can be glimpsed at 2:37, in a cameo as a sports announcer.

“The internet can be a miracle. Years ago, we might have read about the very early work of certain filmmakers — commercials, short films, and so-called ‘industrials,’ aka informative films made for companies or schools — but they were often very difficult to find,” writes Slashfilm who has a pretty sensational find here “We knew about these journeyman periods from various directors, but couldn’t easily view them. Now, when someone finds a rare copy of a famous filmmaker’s early work, it takes only minutes to digitize and upload to YouTube, where it becomes part of public record once more. (…) There is also some good naturalistic filmmaking here, with Altman capturing a better look at football than we’d typically expect to see in an industrial. (The format isn’t really known for displays of virtuosity.)

From Slashfilm