El Evento – The Artist Wrestling Federation

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Are you ready to rumble? “EL EVENTO” is the first documentary by Puerto Rican art/design collective Hello Again©. The film tells the story of the Artist Wrestling Federation (or AWF for short), a live painting championship inspired by the ever-popular sport of wrestling. Created originally in 2008, the project unites the talent from 12 emerging artists from the School of Fine Arts of Puerto Rico. They battled for over a year to demonstrate their artistic prowess inside the ring in front of thousands of people!

With exclusive scenes from before, during, and after the event, “EL EVENTO” portrays in its entirety the creative and artistic process of the project and invites the analysis and reflection of the DIY phenomenon that gave AWF the life and distinctive charm it is known for.

“EL EVENTO” seeks to expose the effort and talent of our artists inside and out of our own borders through participation in film festivals. This documentary intends to encourage the independent art scene in Puerto Rico to manage their own projects using their own creativity as their main source of income.

EL EVENTO – Official Trailer

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