How Tablet Computers Transform The Art World

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“In London, Museum visitors are dashing through the Tate Modern, taking in works of art—on their smartphones. During the latest Art Basel art fair in Switzerland, a collector agreed to buy a $250,000 painting—while sitting in a hair salon in Los Angeles, looking at the work on her tablet. These days, anyone with an iPad can create their own Damien Hirst painting, thanks to an app from the Gagosian Gallery, which recently showed the artist’s work at its 11 global outposts. ”

The Wall Street Journal is having a closer look at the role of tablets in the art world: “Digital tools are changing the way that art is bought, sold and simply looked at. Collectors who once traveled across the world to art fairs and auctions are buying more works without seeing them in person, relying instead on digital views. Galleries now have the ability to show many more works to interested collectors than they have in their showrooms, simply by swiping through digital inventories. Museums are encouraging visitors to download digital apps to get more information about works on display. Some museum and gallery apps allow visitors to zoom in on a work for a closer look than they would get with the naked eye—a development that will likely be bolstered by Apple’s introduction this week of a new iPad with a sharper display screen.

“We’re in the midst of a sea change in the way museums relate to their audiences,” says Peter Samis, associate curator of interpretive media at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. “There’s this booming demand at the highest level, like trustees are all saying, ‘Where’s our iPad app?’ at every museum, large and small, across America.”

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