‘Levitated Mass’ – L.A. Museum’s famous rock gets a documentary

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The famous rock is gaining momentum. On Saturday, the 340-ton boulder was hauled 60 miles from a quarry atop a 196-wheel transporter to Los Angeles County Museum of Art where it will be on display as Levitated Mass under the direction of California sculptor Michael Heizer. And soon, The Hollywood Reporter writes, footage from the enormous stone’s trek to LACMA will be featured in the documentary The Boulder, directed by Doug Pray (Art & Copy, Surfwise) and produced by Jamie Patricof (Blue Valentine, Half Nelson). “The film will be about what LACMA and the artist are endeavoring to create, and how they’re going about it,” Pray said. “But it’s also about how people are reacting to it—some people find it gorgeous, and others are annoyed. There are a lot of haters: ‘This is stupid; it’s just a rock.’” But some are just ticked that in a city with miserable traffic, a boulder got a caravan.

Transport, Night 1: The Making of Levitated Mass

More of this at LACMA on Youtube.

More ‘Levitated Mass’ on Youtube.

Image above: © Mark Zaleski/The Press-Enterprise/Associated Press