The Rise of ‘Visual Pollution’ and the Fight to Stop It

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Billboards and commercial messages dominate the public space like never before. Can we reverse this visual pollution?

“The feature documentary This Space Available began as a discussion between a corporate branding guru, Marc Gobé, and his daughter, Gwenaëlle Gobé, a filmmaker who is passionately against advertising in public space. The debate blossomed into three-year investigation of outdoor advertising and its effect on communities, from São Paulo to Toronto, and what activists, street artists, and cities are doing to stop it.

Gwenaëlle Gobé, who directed the film, discusses the evolution of the project in an interview with The Atlantic. She also shares the trailer and an excerpt from the film, about activists whitewashing illegally placed billboards in New York City (and ironically, getting arrested for their efforts).”

More clips on Vimeo.