The Voronoi Bookshelf – interactive, generative design

Posted March 29th, 2012

3D, Design

Online and downloadable app that allows people to generate their own Voronoi bookshelf. Specify the dimensions and material, and the code generates a series of downloadable files that go right to a laser cutter or CNC router. The whole project was written in Processing and makes use of Toxiclibs, controlP5, and ProScene.

So what is generative, collaborative design?

When think of a design, we typically imagine marks on paper (or a screen) specifying what the object is. Instead, imagine we use a set of rules, or a process (i.e. an algorithm) to generate the design. Following these rules can produce the same object each time, or the rules can include variations, interactions and randomness. Once you open the design to these other factors, it naturally invites others to influence, or collaborate, on the design.

The natural next step is to put the software managing the generation and interaction on the Internet.

You can find a full write up of the project here. The application and source code can be download here. This project is still in progress and this is all beta code. But I’m sure it’s ready for some others to play with.