Cats’ iPad art draws in donations

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A Los Angeles animal shelter that lets its cats chase toys on top of iPads hope the digital art created by the movement will encourage donations of money and tablet computers. An Animal Planet crew visited the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles for the April 14 episode of “Must Love Cats,” where they documented how four cats used an app called Paint for Cats. The results were so compelling that the shelter turned them into notecards. The cards with drawings named “Study in Feather Toys” and “Movement in Catnip” are being sold online for $5.99 a pack. Shelter president Madeline Bernstein says the cats had so much fun, they put used iPads on their wish list so other cats can paint, too.

Get the free App “Game for Cats” for your cat here.

#FrequentNapping by @MarleyKatz Cat iPad Painting

This is the second masterpeice from the #GingerJacksonPollack, @MarleyKatz. #FrequentNapping is an exploration into the essence of Kittehness. The bold strokes, accented by paw prints, asks the viewer to destroy his preconceived notions of what it really means to be a Kitteh and ask themselves, “the cardboard box over by the heating vent, or the sunny spot on the bed?” The defiant use of color recalls the great Modern colorists Matisse and Warhol, only better than those guys.

Mr. Katz’ latest creation is available for the low, low price of $1,000,000 (including S+H).

@MarleyKatz uses iPad Paint for Cats.
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