MAYA 2012: Lords of Time

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So, what about that Maya Calendar and the end of the world then?

MAYA 2012 leads visitors on a journey through the Maya’s time-ordered universe, expressed through their intricate calendar systems, and the power wielded by their divine kings, the astounding “lords of time.” Visitors explore the Maya world through interactive experiences and walk among sculptures and full-sized replicas of major monuments.

The exhibition (opens on 5th of may 2012) features remarkable objects including artifacts recently excavated by Penn Museum archaeologists from the site of Copan, Honduras.

Visitors follow the rise and fall of Copan, moving across the centuries to discover how Maya ideas about time and the calendar have changed up to the present day. Contemporary Maya speak to their own heritage and concerns for the future. MAYA 2012 uncovers a history and culture far richer and surprising than commonly supposed.

Some of the videos in this playlist are from the Penn Museum’s 29th Annual Maya Weekend, “The Ancient Maya in the 21st Century: Advances in Analysis and Presenting the Past.” Maya Weekend is an annual event hosted by the Penn Museum.

MAYA 2012: Lords of Time

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It’s about time for some Maya Music now…

R.E.M. – It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (and I Feel Fine…)