Scott Wade – The Dirty Car Artist

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We’ve all seen smileys and “WASH ME!” on the dusty windows of cars that need a good cleaning. Artist Scott Wade takes that a step further, and draws beautiful, intricate art on dirty rear windows, including replicas of Vermeer, Michelangelo, and dogs playing poker. Lots more at Designboom, including photos and videos. Mr. Wade’s website is, appropriately,


Scott Wade loves to draw on dirty car windows. But unlike you and me, he doesn’t just draw smiley faces and silly slogans. He paints intricate masterpieces in the dirt – right on the rear window!

Onion Creek Productions presents the latest music video for Grupo Fantasma’s “Moñtanozo.” From the Grammy nominated album ‘El Existential’ on Nat Geo Music. Video features Scott Wade, the “Dirty Car Artist.”

“Montañozo” Official Music Video – Grupo Fantasma