Turning old masters into digital art

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Artists Rob and Nick Carter have breathed new life into a 17th Century Golden Age master by digitising it and subtly animating it. The result is “Transforming Still Life Painting After Ambrosius Bosschaert the Elder’s Vase With Flowers in a Window” – a fascinating piece of digital fine art that the result of 2.5 years and thousands of hours of work. Here Rob and Nick Carter’s creative partners MPC (The Moving Picture Company) show how the work was created.

Find out more at computerarts.co.uk: “Husband and wife duo Rob and Nick Carter came up with the idea of transforming a Dutch Golden Age master – Ambrosius Bosschaert The Elder’s Vase With Flowers in a Window (1618) – by digitising and then painstakingly animating every part of it, so this classic still life appears to come to life right in front of your eyes.

Over a period of three hours, this digitised artwork subtly and slowly changes: flowers turn towards the light and eventually wilt; the water in the vase dissipates; beetles, dragonflies, snails and slugs appear briefly appear then disappear again.

Just as the artwork in the foreground changes, so does the background that’s seen through the window: clouds drift across the sky, the light changes. Eventually it gets dark. If you’re patient enough you may even see the flowers wave gently in the breeze.”

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